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The First 100

President Obama’s administration received negative marks as he and his cabinet complete their first 100 days in office. President Obama hanging on to a 63% approval rating, but the decisions and proposals being made by his cabinet aren’t too popular with the American public. In a news release from PR Newswire, the results from a poll covering a wide range of questions clearly show the disappointment across the country.


Campaigning for Real Beauty

Dove wants to free women everywhere from beauty stereotypes. Across the world, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is encouraging women to embrace all definitions of beauty. The campaign includes a website, billboards, events, a Self- Esteem Fund, and much more.

A National Report on the State of Self-Esteemshowed that 7 in 10 young girls believe that they are not good enough or do not measure up; 75% of girls with low-self esteem admitted to negative activities including disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking and drinking; 57% o young girls admit they have a mother who criticizes her own looks.

The DOVE mission: to make more women feel beautiful everyday by widening stereotypical views of beauty.

Find support and make a difference at

Twitter Update

I have really began to enjoy using twitter throughout this semester. Although I wasn’t too crazy about the idea at first, I will admit that its hard to resist getting on my blackberry during class, on the way to class, while I’m studying, when I should be asleep-well you get the point-to check my twitter updates. I have grown with the craze of twitter, and I love turning on the TV and seeing how popular it is everywhere and thinking, “wow, and this started as a PR assignment for me.” You can find me on twitter @erikabrewington

My second experience with twitter was definitely a lot smoother than the first! I didn’t really have any questions about how to use my account, and I think this had a lot to do with why I enjoy it so much more. It was hard to get the hang of things the first time around, but I’ve overcome my twitter anxiety and I will certainly continue to use it.

Twitter is a social media networking service that I wouldn’t be familiar with at all, if it were not for my Public Relations professor. She introduced us to the service in class, and actually made an assignment out of it by having us create and use our own personal account. I think it’s safe to say I’ve never done anything like this for class before, but I can already see the benefits I am receiving from twitter. It has connected me with my class mates, professors, and PR professionals, which will be very helpful in the near future. I am very surprised that twitter has been so beneficial to me and I will continue to use it for my networking purposes.

One thing I would like to become more familiar with as I continue using twitter, is the different applications you can upload to your twitter account. There are so many and I would like to learn more about them.

While using twitter, I have managed to find very interesting people with a lot of helpful information redarding the PR, marketing, and mass media profession.

  1. Scott Stratten is a virtual marketing “Jedi” as he refers to himself. He has made 60 online movies and combined, they have pulled in over 60 million views. He knows exactly how to target an audience! Find him on twitter @unmarketing
  2. Alisa Agozzino is a PR Professor at Ohio Northern University. She is a social media lover, and often has information regarding the PR industry twitter updates, which are usually interesting and beneficial to anyone interested in PR. Find her on twitter @alisaagozzino
  3. Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Comms and the creator of from Chicago. He often has information regarding social media on his twitter that will benefit every student studying communications. Find him on twitter @MarkRaganCEO

Interested in twitter? You can create your own account at

Interview with a Public Relations Professional

For an assignment in my Intro to PR class, we were asked to interview a public relations profession in order to find out about various PR jobs and what they might entail. I chose to interview Scottie Brown Davis, a friend of mine that is currently the Marketing Manager at Pineland Telephone Cooperative, located in Metter, GA. Scottie graduated from Georgia Southern University with a major in Public Relations. Here are some of the topics that Scottie and I discussed:

  • A typical week in for Scottie includes designing an ad or promotion, updating the website and any pricing as needed, meeting with business associates and co-workers, dealing with customer problems, and finally, meeting deadlines. Then the week starts all over again.
  • A project that Scottie is most proud of would have to be her recent re-creation, design and development for the new Pineland Telephone website
  • The importance of writing in Scottie’s career is somewhat significant. Although she is not required to do it everyday, having the skills to be able to definitely come in handy sometimes.
  • 3 tips Scottie would offer someone who is just starting out in PR would definitely include 1) realizing that even if you think you know everything, you really don’t 2) always pay attention to your surroundings, and if you have the opportunity to learn something new, take advantage of it…You can never know too much! 3) Always learn from your mistakes and use them as a growing process.
  • One thing Scottie wishes she had known while she was in college is that in the business profession, the more you know, faster you will be promoted. College students always learn the bare minimum to get by, but every situation should be taken advantage of when you are in a learning environment.
  • The most useful piece of information that Scottie learned in college was how to use the Adobe Suite in her PR Publications class. She uses the Adobe Suite every day at work, and it has given her skills that will help advance her career.
  • What surprised Scottie the most about working in PR is the importance of deadlines. She realized that they are applied to almost everything and meeting them has to be a top priority in order to be successful.

War of the Wings::.Kappa Delta’s Annual Charity Event

  Get ready Statesboro, for tonight is another yearly tradition of Kappa Delta sorority’s War of the Wings!
    Don’t know what it is? Let this year’s supervisor Ashley Taylor explain.
“War of the Wings is an event we (Kappa Delta) put on annually to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America,” said Taylor. “It’s between all the restaurants in town that have donated us wings, and it’s like a competition to see who has the best wings in Statesboro.”
    This year’s edition is number 26 for the yearly charity-focused fund raiser. Kappa Delta focuses its charity work on chidren.
“We work mainly with kids,” said Taylor.
    As a matter of fact, throughout the entire year, the Greek Row residents are in charge of a Girl Scout troup. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
“We do Stand Up, Stand Out with [Zeta Tau Alpha],” said Taylor. “We [also work with] the Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Va. and ortheopedic research.
    But how does War of the Wings actually work?
“It raises money because we get the restaurants donate the wings and then people pay five dollars to eat the wings,” said Taylor. “Also we get donations and do a raffle.”
    All proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America. Last year, over $12,000 was raised for charity, with around 2,000 people participating and 22 local restaurants donating wings, said Taylor.
    This year’s donation is a little less, with 17 restaurants donating wings.
    But that hasn’t stopped the women of Kappa Delta from working hard on making the event the best they can.
“We’ve actually been working on it since beofre christmas,” said Taylor. “It usually takes up a lot of our time.”
    War of the Wings starts at 5 p.m. tonight and lasts until 7 p.m. If it’s raining, head to Rum Runner’s but if not, go to the Kappa Delta house. This was a lesson well-learned from last year.
    “It rained last year, so we had to do it at Legend’s really quick,” said Taylor.

Note: all information is from connectstatesboro.