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Striving Statesboro Herald

Today in my News Reporting and Writing class, the Executive Editor of the Statesboro Herald, Jim Healy, came to speak about the current conditions of the newspaper industry across the country, and how the Statesboro Herald is finding news ways to fight current statistics.

As we all know, journalism is becoming less of an industry everyday, especially with the help of the current economy. It has been declining over the years for some time now, but over the past year the decline has become rapid. We can see the effects in huge staff cuts, the down-sizing of buildings, and cost cuts everywhere, including delivery, just to name a few.

Circulation of newspapers everywhere has declined enormously. However, at the Statesboro Herald, this decline has been minimal thanks to faithful readers. Although the paper was a 7 day print and delivery and is now 6, it hasn’t been greatly affected like large papers because it is in fact, a smaller paper. Minimal effects have been seen in news room lay-offs, but the Herald has a new weapon: the Internet.

The benefits of using the Internet are easily seen because it costs nothing. The website will be 3 years old in October and stands strong with the help of a partnership with the Georgia Southern University I.T. Department. The website is racking in 1 million page views per month; and it’s not just news. The Herald sells ads, has a community page, hosts a large blogging group, and much more.

The creation of Statesboro Connect is a sister cite that targets GSU students 

 Studio Statesboro has video segments that people upload constantly, and there’s even a live news cast everyday at 2 pm .

More traffic = More  Revenue…so check it out and support your local Statesboro paper!


Sharing S.O.U.L

Tonight, the Singers of the United Lands (S.O.U.L.) preformed at Georgia Southern University. The quartet of young-adult professional singers travels across the U.S. and Canada in hopes of spreading cultural awareness through music from around the world. The group consists of Rory, who is from Chile, Corrine, who is from Kenya, Martins, who is from Latvia, and Subi, who is from South Korea. Each of the members was dressed in their traditional garments, and sang native songs from their countries using a variety of instruments. S.O.U.L. is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to sharing cultural diversity through song. 

Dealing with a Difficult Group Member

Why do professors make us do group projects? They’re time consuming, it’s hard to make everyone happy when scheduling meetings, most of the time they’re pretty pointless, and there’s always that one little issue of the SLACKER that doesn’t pull their own weight. How can you possibly cope when you have a million other things to worry about? I found this article pretty helpful, and I’ll know how to address the situation next time instead of letting someone else take the credit for my hard work. Find out how to deal with difficult group project members so you won’t get frustrated the next time your professor drops the dreaded group project on you.

My Miss America

Last night in the Miss America pageant, Miss California took first runner-up, after answering what could possibly be the most controversial question ever asked in pageant history. For those that don’t care, or don’t understand why these beautiful women get on stage and put themselves out there for ridicule in the first place, I’m sure it takes more courage, dignity, and talent than you have to understand. I can agree that the question asked is a fair question, but the way Perez Hilton handled himself after the pageant is what gets me. She answered the question perfectly by staying true to herself, and not being fearful of standing firm in what she believes…both of which sound like qualities that are valued in a strong young woman, right? Why would you want anything less for the woman that represents our country? Granted, her views may be different than yours, but when was the last time every single person in this county agreed on an issue? Exactly my point. Not to mention the fact that she was exercising her right to the First Amendment, doesn’t that make Perez look like a BIG UGLY HYPOCRITE because all he cares about is making it known that he’s gay? His ignorance doesn’t bother me…the fact that a gay man isn’t treating  people who have different opinions with the respect is what does. In my opinion, this is a BIG step back for the gay community.

An Advocate Speaks Out

In my journalism class, we were asked to interview someone that has opposite political, religious and cultural views than we do. I chose to interview Jeffrey Thorpe. As the president of the Gay Straight Alliance at Georgia Southern University, Jeffrey and I spoke about the feelings he has towards being an activist in the organization, and how he deals with the daily controversy.

Q: Why is this organization important to you?

A: I think that everyone should be as comfortable with their sexual orientation as I am. As president I can help people to be more comfortable with who they are; gay or straight.

Q: What is the biggest misconception you believe people have about the Gay Straight Alliance?

A: That it’s a recruitment organization. A lot of my straight friends won’t come because they think we’re going to try and turn them gay and that’s the completely wrong view. You don’t have to be gay to be a member, our purpose is to educate.

Q: Do you feel like it’s more difficult to fit in at Georgia Southern as opposed to other campuses that are more diverse?

A: Yes, because Statesboro is considered the Deep South. It’s definitely a Bible belt community and we fight the religious aspect all the time. Our gay community is growing, but I feel like other schools are exposed a lot more regularly to the gay community.

Q: What do you want other organiations on campus to know that do not agree with what your organization stands for?

A: That we want to provide a social outlet for students. We want to educate and be the voice for whoever needs us.

Q: What are your feelings and beliefs regarding the birth or choice controversy?

A: I think it depends on the individual and personal experiences they’ve had. Personally, I believe it’s from birth. No one chooses this alternative lifestyle.