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My Favorite Book

This week for PR Writing we have to blog about our favorite book. My is definitely, without a doubt, the Twilight series. I absolutely love all four books! I read all of them in about two weeks after my sister convinced me to just try to read the first one. I’ve never been a big fan of fantasy fiction books, especially really long ones but once I picked up the first one I couldn’t put it down! The characters are so amazing and the author writes in a way that allows your imagination to run wild. My friends and I have all read them and joke about how we wish we were vampires. I’m totally team Edward and think the storyline is absolutely amazing. Something I love about this book is that it’s a great read for anyone. My sister is in middle school has read all of them and we even got my grandma hooked on them too! I’ve never even been a fan of books like this, never got into the Harry Potter series or anything else, but these books are amazing and I recommend them to anyone that’s looking for a good read. You won’t be disappointed!


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