Erika Brewington’s Blog

What gets under my skin?

This week’s blog in my Public Relations Writing class is about our biggest pet peeve. Mine, by far, is people who are slackers. I can’t stand people who don’t put effort behind what they do. Anything from a huge group project (most likely the worst thing to deal with) or people behind the counter at McDonald’s that don’t think twice before putting your fries in your bag…UPSIDEDOWN. Seriously? What gives. I know it’s impossible for everyone’s work ethic to be perfect, mine isn’t 100% of the time, but how hard is it to just try? No one said anything about going above and beyond, just do what’s expected of you. This is hot on my list right now because of a group research project I am working on in one of my classes. I think my group members may spend more time defending themselves and coming up with excuses than just doing the work! I guess if  it doesn’t affect me in any way at all, I could care less if you chose to be a slacker, but if my grades, reputation, and satisfaction (when I’m paying for something) or anything else concerning me are involved, don’t expect me to sit back and be quiet. I won’t.


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