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Break Ins at Georgia Southern University

Campus break ins at Georgia Southern University are quickly becoming a greater issue for concern. Crime rates in general are increasing, with burglary and robbery being at the top of the list. Students on and off campus should take this into consideration and be taking the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

It is a known fact that both robbers and burglars find easy targets and the university advises that over half of all residential break ins result from gaining entrance through unlocked windows and doors. Although there is not a solution to this problem, students can all help prevent this crime from happening by using common sense and practicing basic safety rules. I always make sure that my windows and doors are locked, especially when no one is at home. I also try to keep my blinds and curtains closed when I am not home because I know that while I am not there, no one will be able to see inside of my house. Always double checking to make sure my car is locked, even once I am inside gives me peace of mind too because many of my friends have had things stolen from their cars. Having the mindset that you could never be a victim of this crime is probably not the smartest idea, because victims are almost always picked at random by how easy the task looks.

Georgia Southern University Police and the Statesboro Police will continue working to lower this crime rate, but I think the biggest impact will be made by students making the right decisions and the safe ones.


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  1. * ashleyprisfunrenfroe says:

    I definitely agree that it is really up to students to make sure their belongings are locked up and safe before we see a real change in this situation. If people are being careless and leaving doors and windows unlocked then they should have no one else but themselves to blame if their things go missing.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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