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Striving Statesboro Herald

Today in my News Reporting and Writing class, the Executive Editor of the Statesboro Herald, Jim Healy, came to speak about the current conditions of the newspaper industry across the country, and how the Statesboro Herald is finding news ways to fight current statistics.

As we all know, journalism is becoming less of an industry everyday, especially with the help of the current economy. It has been declining over the years for some time now, but over the past year the decline has become rapid. We can see the effects in huge staff cuts, the down-sizing of buildings, and cost cuts everywhere, including delivery, just to name a few.

Circulation of newspapers everywhere has declined enormously. However, at the Statesboro Herald, this decline has been minimal thanks to faithful readers. Although the paper was a 7 day print and delivery and is now 6, it hasn’t been greatly affected like large papers because it is in fact, a smaller paper. Minimal effects have been seen in news room lay-offs, but the Herald has a new weapon: the Internet.

The benefits of using the Internet are easily seen because it costs nothing. The website will be 3 years old in October and stands strong with the help of a partnership with the Georgia Southern University I.T. Department. The website is racking in 1 million page views per month; and it’s not just news. The Herald sells ads, has a community page, hosts a large blogging group, and much more.

The creation of Statesboro Connect is a sister cite that targets GSU students 

 Studio Statesboro has video segments that people upload constantly, and there’s even a live news cast everyday at 2 pm .

More traffic = More  Revenue…so check it out and support your local Statesboro paper!


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