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Last night in the Miss America pageant, Miss California took first runner-up, after answering what could possibly be the most controversial question ever asked in pageant history. For those that don’t care, or don’t understand why these beautiful women get on stage and put themselves out there for ridicule in the first place, I’m sure it takes more courage, dignity, and talent than you have to understand. I can agree that the question asked is a fair question, but the way Perez Hilton handled himself after the pageant is what gets me. She answered the question perfectly by staying true to herself, and not being fearful of standing firm in what she believes…both of which sound like qualities that are valued in a strong young woman, right? Why would you want anything less for the woman that represents our country? Granted, her views may be different than yours, but when was the last time every single person in this county agreed on an issue? Exactly my point. Not to mention the fact that she was exercising her right to the First Amendment, doesn’t that make Perez look like a BIG UGLY HYPOCRITE because all he cares about is making it known that he’s gay? His ignorance doesn’t bother me…the fact that a gay man isn’t treating  people who have different opinions with the respect is what does. In my opinion, this is a BIG step back for the gay community.


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  1. * sdrury1 says:

    I agree that she answered the question honestly and was very well spoken- which is the main reason for the interview portion of the pageant anyway. It is to see if the women are educated and articulate. I do not share the same views as her, but who cares? I think she got way too much publicity from this in the first place and I was very sad to hear reports of her joining an Anti-Gay Marriage campaign. As we should all know, there is a separation of church and state in this country. Personally, I do not believe the government should have any say over the word “Marriage.” That being said, I think that all state documents that are contractual agreements between two people ( man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman) should print the words Civil Union because it is just that- a Civil (state or institution) Union (binding agreement between two people). The church or synagogue or mosque and the people that follow that particular religion should be able to call it whatever they want. The only reason we even need government forms like marriage licenses is for legal reasons such as property rights, visitation rights, etc…

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
    • * erikabrewington says:

      Her answer was not the reason for all the publicity; the way Perez reacted after the pageant and the ridiculous comments he made on his infamous blog was the sole reason for the up-roar. She responded by interviews and appearances in order to protect her views, which anyone would have done. As for her joining the anti-gay marriage campaign, once again she is exercising her right to freedom of association, also protected by the First Amendment. Would you consider it sad if someone were to join a “gay rights” campaign? Although the separation of church and state protects government interference of religious beliefs and opinions, laws are made to govern actions, which may interfere with religious practices, including the process of marriage.

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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