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Today in my PR class, we had two guest speakers from Three. Three is a public relations firm in Atlanta, Georgia, that is very well known and has worked on many projects that are familiar to everyone. Jeremy Estroff and Lauren Crawford spoke to our class about many topics, including their positions at Three and what they entail, public relations today and much more. 

 Both Jeremy and Lauren do a range of agency work at Three, that includes research, press releases,and working with social media networks. The very first point that was stressed by Jeremy and Laura was the public relations is all about communication. Their goal, as any other PR practitioner’s, is to create a device that portrays the image of an organization. This cannot be done without effectively communicating with the client. You have to be able to understand what the organization stands for, their target audience, and what message they want to communicate. It is the practitioner’s job to find the most effective way to communicate this message, and it begins with the firm and the client having a clear understanding of the objectives.

One piece of advice that Jeremy and Laura gave us is to ALWAYS be prepared for anything– you never know when you will be thrown into the fire and expected to fulfill a clients wish!

As Jeremy and Lauren have both worked on numerous successful projects in their careers, they are now able to say that the biggest compliment of all is having someone else copy your ideas. This shows that you were successful, and others are following the example you set!

Building experience, being motivated, and interning are going to land you a dream job…a PR degree cannot do this by itself, so take every opportunity that will better your future in PR.

Both writing and face-to-face communication are equally important in being a successful practitioner. One is not more important than the other, so make sure you have well-developed skills in both areas.

Always save projects that you work on…they will come in handy when you are job searching, or just looking for ideas!

Portfolios usually consist of a Comm Studies paper, press releases, newspaper articles, and PR writing samples, so save everything you work on because you will have a collection to choose from.

Always think ahead of the client. Know their next move before they do and already be working on it!


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