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Interview with a Public Relations Professional

For an assignment in my Intro to PR class, we were asked to interview a public relations profession in order to find out about various PR jobs and what they might entail. I chose to interview Scottie Brown Davis, a friend of mine that is currently the Marketing Manager at Pineland Telephone Cooperative, located in Metter, GA. Scottie graduated from Georgia Southern University with a major in Public Relations. Here are some of the topics that Scottie and I discussed:

  • A typical week in for Scottie includes designing an ad or promotion, updating the website and any pricing as needed, meeting with business associates and co-workers, dealing with customer problems, and finally, meeting deadlines. Then the week starts all over again.
  • A project that Scottie is most proud of would have to be her recent re-creation, design and development for the new Pineland Telephone website
  • The importance of writing in Scottie’s career is somewhat significant. Although she is not required to do it everyday, having the skills to be able to definitely come in handy sometimes.
  • 3 tips Scottie would offer someone who is just starting out in PR would definitely include 1) realizing that even if you think you know everything, you really don’t 2) always pay attention to your surroundings, and if you have the opportunity to learn something new, take advantage of it…You can never know too much! 3) Always learn from your mistakes and use them as a growing process.
  • One thing Scottie wishes she had known while she was in college is that in the business profession, the more you know, faster you will be promoted. College students always learn the bare minimum to get by, but every situation should be taken advantage of when you are in a learning environment.
  • The most useful piece of information that Scottie learned in college was how to use the Adobe Suite in her PR Publications class. She uses the Adobe Suite every day at work, and it has given her skills that will help advance her career.
  • What surprised Scottie the most about working in PR is the importance of deadlines. She realized that they are applied to almost everything and meeting them has to be a top priority in order to be successful.

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  1. * Cinnamon Cameron says:

    This sounds like an interesting interview, Erika. It’s good to know that even small towns like Metter, Georgia need PRs too!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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