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Marketing Over Coffee

We were asked to listen to a podcast in my Intro to Public Relations class and discuss what we learned. I choose to listen to Marketing Over Coffee, a podcast that takes place in a Dunkin Donuts shop that discussed classic and new marketing. Here are a few things that were discussed.

  • 2-Dimensional bar codes are being used in order to store much larger amounts of information. One example of how they are being used is in Tops Baseball Cards. The card has a 3-dimensional picture of the player and the bar code holds a link to a web-cam. Using the link, you are able to play games on-line and much more while being navigated with a full voice-over of the player. 2D bar codes can also be used as Mp3 players, hold all database information used at work, and can also store all of your phone information.
  • The hosts of the podcast, John and Chris, announced that they have almost 9,000 people following their podcast, and some of the topics they discuss may include student loans, personal finance, and marketing.
  • Twitter was a topic of discussion, and John and Chris stressed to listeners to always keep everything on twitter professional and NOT personal. This is true with any social media network because the internet is open to everyone, and anything you put on the internet becomes public property. An example of this is Facebook. Any picture that is uploaded on the network becomes the property of Facebook and can be used for anything they see fit.
  • Twitter CRM is a new tool that allows users to keep track of the number of times a name or title is searched or mentioned and also links users to any replies or comments that have been made.
  • Also, John and Chris warned listeners to use discretion when linking social media networks to marketing sources. If this is not done properly, or in good taste, people may think it is unusual or even creepy.
  • The idea of a swipe file was also introduced, and it was explained that professional marketers copy and paste any advertisement or campaign ideas they like into a useful reference file. This can come in handy in many situations.

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