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War of the Wings::.Kappa Delta’s Annual Charity Event

  Get ready Statesboro, for tonight is another yearly tradition of Kappa Delta sorority’s War of the Wings!
    Don’t know what it is? Let this year’s supervisor Ashley Taylor explain.
“War of the Wings is an event we (Kappa Delta) put on annually to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America,” said Taylor. “It’s between all the restaurants in town that have donated us wings, and it’s like a competition to see who has the best wings in Statesboro.”
    This year’s edition is number 26 for the yearly charity-focused fund raiser. Kappa Delta focuses its charity work on chidren.
“We work mainly with kids,” said Taylor.
    As a matter of fact, throughout the entire year, the Greek Row residents are in charge of a Girl Scout troup. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
“We do Stand Up, Stand Out with [Zeta Tau Alpha],” said Taylor. “We [also work with] the Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Va. and ortheopedic research.
    But how does War of the Wings actually work?
“It raises money because we get the restaurants donate the wings and then people pay five dollars to eat the wings,” said Taylor. “Also we get donations and do a raffle.”
    All proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America. Last year, over $12,000 was raised for charity, with around 2,000 people participating and 22 local restaurants donating wings, said Taylor.
    This year’s donation is a little less, with 17 restaurants donating wings.
    But that hasn’t stopped the women of Kappa Delta from working hard on making the event the best they can.
“We’ve actually been working on it since beofre christmas,” said Taylor. “It usually takes up a lot of our time.”
    War of the Wings starts at 5 p.m. tonight and lasts until 7 p.m. If it’s raining, head to Rum Runner’s but if not, go to the Kappa Delta house. This was a lesson well-learned from last year.
    “It rained last year, so we had to do it at Legend’s really quick,” said Taylor.

Note: all information is from connectstatesboro.


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