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Reading Notes: Chapter 8

Notes from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition  by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron


  • Evaluation is the fourth step in the public relations process; the measurement of results against the established objectives set during the planning process.
  • Reasons for evaluation:
  1. the desire to do a better job next time
  2. to determine whether the money, time, and effort expended are well spent and contribute to the objective
  • Create a checklist for the evaluation while creating the program plan; the practitioner may ask:
  1. was the activity adequately planned?
  2. do the recipients understand the message?
  3. how could the program strategy been more effective?
  4. what unforeseen circumstances may have affected the success of the activity?
  5. was the budget followed?
  6. what can be done to improved similar future activities?
  • The most widely used methods for evaluating public relations efforts include:
  • measurement of production
  • message exposure
  • audience awareness
  • audience attitudes
  • audience action
  • Media impressions refer to the potential audience reached by a periodical, a broadcast program, or an Internet Web site
  • Each time a person accesses a website it’s called a hit or a visit
  • Day-after recall a way of measuring audience awareness and comprehension by asking participants to view a specific program or read a particular news article that is followed by an interview the next day to determine which messages they remembered
  • A baseline study is the measurement of audience attitudes and opinions before, during, and after a PR campaign
  • Public relations activities can be measured by
  1. communication audits
  2. pilot tests and split messages
  3. meeting and event attendance
  4. newsletter readership

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