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10 Tips for Job Interviews

Here are some tips for a successful job interview that we discussed in class this week. An audio clip from the lecture with this information can be found here

  1. Prepare for the Interview- research the company to find out what the company is about.
  2. Appearances Matter- dress appropriately for the interview; make sure you are comfortable but look professional at the same time.
  3. Have Good Body Language- make sure to keep eye contact with your interviewer and keep good posture.
  4. Ask Questions- make sure they are appropriate, but ask your interviewer any questions you may have.
  5. Bring Your Resume- always bring a copy of your resume to an interview.
  6. Have a Firm Handshake- this will show the interviewer that you are professional and gives the impression that you are ready to get to business.
  7. Leave a Business Card- this will make sure the company has all of your contact information.
  8. Keep Conversation Professional- avoid talking about things that are too personal.
  9. Be on Time and Turn Your Cell Phone Off- being a few minutes early shows that you are prepared and always remember to turn your cell phone off.
  10. Follow Up with the Interview- write an e-mail to your interviewer immediately thanking them for their time, and then mail a hand written letter to make it even more personal. 

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