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Reading Notes: Chapter 6

Notes from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

Program Planning

  • Program planning is the second step of the PR process, following research. It should be an effective strategy to support an organizations business, marketing, and communications objectives.
  • Management by Objective (MBO) provides focus and direction for formulating strategy to achieve specific organizational objectives. This often includes 9 basic steps:
  1. client/employer objectives
  2. audience/ publics
  3. audience objectives
  4. media channels
  5. media channel objectives
  6. sources and questions
  7. communication strategies
  8. essence of the message
  9. nonverbal support
  • Strategic planning Model utilizes general building blocks for planning; serve as a background to create specific blocks for planning
  1. facts (i.e. category facts, product/service issues, competitive facts, customer facts)
  2. goals (i.e. business objectives, role of public relations, sources of new business)
  3. audience (i.e. target audience, current mind-set, desired mind-set)
  4. key message (i.e. main point)
  • Program plans usually includes 8 basic elements
  1. situation-a clear understanding
  2. objectives-either informational or motivational
  3. audience-specific and defined
  4. strategy-provides guidelines and key message themes
  5. tactics-describe specific activities; puts strategy into operation and helps achieve stated objectives
  6. calendar/timetable-time-line of campaign, scheduling of tactics, compiling a calendar
  7. budget-establised by organization and carried out by PR staff or firm
  8. evaluation-restate the objectives and name evaluation methods to be used

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