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Reading Notes: Chapter 4

Notes from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics 9th Edition by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

Public Relations Departments and Firms

  • George Westinghouse is said to have created the first corporate public relations department in 1889 when he hired two men to publicize a project of his.
  • The role of PR in an organization depends on the type of organization, the perceptions of top management, and the capabilities of the PR executive.
  • The PR department in an organization may also be called corporate communications or communications
  • The traditional management theory divides organizations into line and staff functions which determine how much authority a position holds.
  • There are four areas of possible friction regarding internal and external publics in the communication process:
  1. legal
  2. human resources
  3. advertising
  4. marketing
  • Public relations firms are usually called agencies in the trade. Some services they provide include:
  1. marketing communications
  2. executive speech training
  3. research and evaluation
  4. crisis management
  5. media analysis
  6. community relations
  7. events management
  8. public affairs
  9. branding and corporate reputation
  10. financial relations
  • Some advantages of a firm include:
  1. objectivity
  2. a variety of skills and expertise
  3. international jobs
  4. credibility
  • Some disadvantages of a firm include:
  1. superficial grasp of clients unique problems
  2. lack of full-time commitment
  3. need for strong direction for top management
  4. costs
  • The three most common methods PR firms charge for their services include:
  1. basic hourly fee plus out of pocket expenses
  2. retainer fee-monthly charge
  3. fixed project fee

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