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1 Down… 1 To Go

With finals next week, I have officially finished the first semester of my senior year in college. I can’t believe it! I don’t know where time has gone, but I have only one semester left before I graduate. It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman without a care in the world, and now my life is consumed with finding an internship and beginning my career. Although I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds after graduation, I know I’m going to miss everything about college friends, sorority, and even classes. It scares me how fast time has flown by and I’ve realized that next semester I have to make the most of every last moment. I know that everything I have learned throughout my four years in school has prepared me one hundred percent for the career I want to pursue, and I’m ready to make my dreams come true!


My Favorite Book

This week for PR Writing we have to blog about our favorite book. My is definitely, without a doubt, the Twilight series. I absolutely love all four books! I read all of them in about two weeks after my sister convinced me to just try to read the first one. I’ve never been a big fan of fantasy fiction books, especially really long ones but once I picked up the first one I couldn’t put it down! The characters are so amazing and the author writes in a way that allows your imagination to run wild. My friends and I have all read them and joke about how we wish we were vampires. I’m totally team Edward and think the storyline is absolutely amazing. Something I love about this book is that it’s a great read for anyone. My sister is in middle school has read all of them and we even got my grandma hooked on them too! I’ve never even been a fan of books like this, never got into the Harry Potter series or anything else, but these books are amazing and I recommend them to anyone that’s looking for a good read. You won’t be disappointed!

What gets under my skin?

This week’s blog in my Public Relations Writing class is about our biggest pet peeve. Mine, by far, is people who are slackers. I can’t stand people who don’t put effort behind what they do. Anything from a huge group project (most likely the worst thing to deal with) or people behind the counter at McDonald’s that don’t think twice before putting your fries in your bag…UPSIDEDOWN. Seriously? What gives. I know it’s impossible for everyone’s work ethic to be perfect, mine isn’t 100% of the time, but how hard is it to just try? No one said anything about going above and beyond, just do what’s expected of you. This is hot on my list right now because of a group research project I am working on in one of my classes. I think my group members may spend more time defending themselves and coming up with excuses than just doing the work! I guess if  it doesn’t affect me in any way at all, I could care less if you chose to be a slacker, but if my grades, reputation, and satisfaction (when I’m paying for something) or anything else concerning me are involved, don’t expect me to sit back and be quiet. I won’t.

My Favorite TV Show

My favorite TV Show is definitely E! News. I love celebrity news and I watch E! News every night to see the latest Hollywood updates. Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic are absolutely amazing and I think they are two of the most entertaining people on television. I know each time I watch the show there will be new information and they have the ability to connect to the audience, making them feel as though they are talking directly to them. Their talent is extremely important to my major and I know that I can watch them to learn from regarding techniques and improving how I am on camera. They have the ability to draw anyone in by the way they speak and tell the stories and I hope that one day I can be just as effective to my audience. It’s the best show EVER!

Obama’s Health Care Plan

President Obama’s claim that America’s health care spending of $2.2 trillion is a valid reason for the government should step in and regulate. This is something I don’t agree with at all. As there are always two sides to every story, I believe it all comes down to whether or not you are willing to pay tax for other’s health care or not. Granted, $2.2 trillion is an extremely high amount, what the government doesn’t say is exactly how they calculate this number. If all aspects of spending are accounted for, how do we know they aren’t including the full cost of both the bill a patient would pay for a procedure and how much the hospital pays for doing the procedure? Obviously, some of the money paid by the patient goes directly to paying for the procedure, so there is a large chance much of the spending has been over accounted for.

That aside, America is a land of equal opportunity. Everyone has the right to an education as well as having a career. These things just aren’t handed to those who have them, they work for them in order to provide needs for themselves and their families. So why should they pay the government to help other people when no one is helping them? I just dont see how its fair to ask people to pay for other people to be taken care of when they are working so hard to take care of themselves. To top things off, Obama has said that with the new health plan, if people are satisfied with the current insurance provided by their employers, nothing will change in their coverage. So, basically they’ll just be dishing out even more tax money when it will not be benefiting them in any way at all.

I feel if the government is so concerned with taking care of people who can’t take care of themselves, then the government should find a way to do it on its own..not by reaching FURTHER into the pockets of hard working Americans.

Legal Problems in Public Relations

This week in PR Writing, we discussed legal problems that can arise in Public Relations and how to avoid them. Writers are encouraged to be honest and share their own opinion as long as the criticism is done with honest intention and the writer protects his or her self and any executives from critical comments. These opinions are protected to a certain degree under the First Amendment and this is known as the fair comment privilege.

Break Ins at Georgia Southern University

Campus break ins at Georgia Southern University are quickly becoming a greater issue for concern. Crime rates in general are increasing, with burglary and robbery being at the top of the list. Students on and off campus should take this into consideration and be taking the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

It is a known fact that both robbers and burglars find easy targets and the university advises that over half of all residential break ins result from gaining entrance through unlocked windows and doors. Although there is not a solution to this problem, students can all help prevent this crime from happening by using common sense and practicing basic safety rules. I always make sure that my windows and doors are locked, especially when no one is at home. I also try to keep my blinds and curtains closed when I am not home because I know that while I am not there, no one will be able to see inside of my house. Always double checking to make sure my car is locked, even once I am inside gives me peace of mind too because many of my friends have had things stolen from their cars. Having the mindset that you could never be a victim of this crime is probably not the smartest idea, because victims are almost always picked at random by how easy the task looks.

Georgia Southern University Police and the Statesboro Police will continue working to lower this crime rate, but I think the biggest impact will be made by students making the right decisions and the safe ones.

My Top Ten

The Daily Ten with Happy and Erika

The First 100

President Obama’s administration received negative marks as he and his cabinet complete their first 100 days in office. President Obama hanging on to a 63% approval rating, but the decisions and proposals being made by his cabinet aren’t too popular with the American public. In a news release from PR Newswire, the results from a poll covering a wide range of questions clearly show the disappointment across the country.

Striving Statesboro Herald

Today in my News Reporting and Writing class, the Executive Editor of the Statesboro Herald, Jim Healy, came to speak about the current conditions of the newspaper industry across the country, and how the Statesboro Herald is finding news ways to fight current statistics.

As we all know, journalism is becoming less of an industry everyday, especially with the help of the current economy. It has been declining over the years for some time now, but over the past year the decline has become rapid. We can see the effects in huge staff cuts, the down-sizing of buildings, and cost cuts everywhere, including delivery, just to name a few.

Circulation of newspapers everywhere has declined enormously. However, at the Statesboro Herald, this decline has been minimal thanks to faithful readers. Although the paper was a 7 day print and delivery and is now 6, it hasn’t been greatly affected like large papers because it is in fact, a smaller paper. Minimal effects have been seen in news room lay-offs, but the Herald has a new weapon: the Internet.

The benefits of using the Internet are easily seen because it costs nothing. The website will be 3 years old in October and stands strong with the help of a partnership with the Georgia Southern University I.T. Department. The website is racking in 1 million page views per month; and it’s not just news. The Herald sells ads, has a community page, hosts a large blogging group, and much more.

The creation of Statesboro Connect is a sister cite that targets GSU students 

 Studio Statesboro has video segments that people upload constantly, and there’s even a live news cast everyday at 2 pm .

More traffic = More  Revenue…so check it out and support your local Statesboro paper!